j u l i a n n a ' s    r e L O O K
  artful designs in reclaimed materials.


it’s new, it’s old , it’s green, it’s colorful and it’s shabby chic.

Living on a farm, every day I see weathered materials that catch my eye, 

there are unique colors shape, and textures everywhere!

So I designed, I cut, I added color, I sanded and I liked what I came up with. 

Being an artist new ideas continue to me come one after another.

Some art pieces, some mirrors, some chalkboards... the possibllities are endless. 

It is a wonderful contrast to my fine art paintings.

Some days I work with color on a canvas with a brush and

some days I work with wood and a saw.

custom designed piece are popular....

a landscape of your favorite place or a favorite image.

contact me at artjulianna@gmail.com for a quote


LARK  | 4 Water Street | Chester CT

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